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MMEi accepts applications for its applicant pool through its web-site "www.mmei.biz" 24 hours and 365 days a year.  Through its secure online database applicants are able to register and submit their application to a maximum of 3 jobs of their choice and prioritize these as to 1st , 2nd and 3rd choice.

All applications are kept current by the applicants themselves who are automatically alerted by the system through their email address once their MMEi application remain inactive for a period of six-month.  With this process MMEi is assured of continuous and dynamic applicant supply and is able to respond to its partner-clients in the timeliest manner.

In the pipeline is the facility for our registered or accredited partner-clients to be able to conveniently access MMEi's applicant-database pool from the comfort of their own offices.  The applicant-database available for viewing by MMEi's partner-clients are those of pre-screened applicants only thus saving them the time and effort of wading through unorganized files.


For hard-to-fill jobs and upon its partners requirement to advertise its open jobs in the local mass media, MMEi provides its partners the most effective way of reaching the widest- applicant target based on its deep understanding of the dynamics of the Philippine labor market.

Additionally, MMEi maintains a network of reliable-professional contacts in the various industries and actively participates in job fairs and depending on the requirement will �headhunt' for its business partners to attract the best qualified candidate for their hard-to-fill jobs.


MMEi offers its partners free video-conferencing facility that is integrated into its web-site (click here for demo).  This facility is free and user friendly that uses software already built-in in most offices' PCs or that is readily available for download from MMEi's website.

This facility is available to MMEi's partner-clients and is used by MMEi for the pre-screening of its applicants from all over the Philippines without them needing to come to Manila for said purpose.  This gives MMEi an edge in being able to reach a broader applicant market all over the 7,100-island-Philippine archipelago.

MMEi upon request facilitates specified-government-liaison work for establishing business activities in the Philippines in behalf of our global-business partners such as in the setting-up of marketing and distribution network for imported products; market development ; doing banking audit ; and looking after their legal and trading issues.

MMEi upon request provides ad hoc advice on a wide-range of human-management, travel formality, overseas-contract-worker placement, and other related issues that its staff are most competent with.


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