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Michaelangelo Manpower Exponent, Inc. ( MMEi ) is a licensed recruitment agency established in 1997. MMEi is registered with the Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

MMEi is a pro-active human-capital investment facilitator

To add value to our business partner's enterprise...
  ... give them the competitive edge in the recruitment, hiring & placement of Filipino workers;

...  nurture mutually beneficial business alliance;

... remain a learning organization delivering services within the prevailing best-practice in the industry.

Towards the above objectives, MMEi guarantees Filipino-job seekers a one-stop-applicant-friendly environment where their precious skills and competencies are matched to the next best-available open job by means of a state-of-the-art electronic-file search process that deliver instantaneous-quality result.

MMEi gives its short listed applicants the best-personalized assistance and advice all the way through. As may be required MMEi exerts every effort to help the applicant avail of the most affordable payment term to lighten the financial burden that normally comes with overseas-job placement.

As to repeat or retained applicants, MMEi helps them by way of its counseling and referral services (such as for trade or professional training or re-training) this is aimed at improving their future chances of eventually landing their most coveted-overseas job.

All of these services are provided by MMEi's staff who have had rich actual experiences working, living and having been to most of the overseas sites it has principals or employers at.

Above all, MMEi is committed to providing after-deployment services to its partner-workers to look after and gather continuing feedback regarding their welfare in their new-found employer and foreign home.

MMEi continuously develop good business and professional relationships with its partner-clients to ensure that it is able to adequately cater to their continuing requirements as well as keep on top of the industry in terms of providing timely services at the level of quality equal to or above existing best practice.



MMEi is ably supported by permanent regular staff as well as full-time and part-time consultants and freelancers with proven expertise and track record in the different fields of human-capital management particularly in manpower-supply facilitation for the international labor market.

MMEi's staff and consultants possess the deep sense of understanding of it partner-client's requirements. This gives MMEi the edge in being able help its partners successfully plug their human-capital gap with candidates of proven-personal competencies that generally ensure successful job performance in the particular overseas-work environment.

To ensure successful-employment retention, MMEi exerts every effort with its selected-partner candidates to address as much as possible all of their queries, concerns as well as their personal and career expectations (especially first-time overseas workers) regarding their newfound job, employer and overseas residence.






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