This site works best with NetMeeting 3.01 and Internet Explorer 6.
Know your current IP.

We need your present IP to be able to connect you in our video conferencing session. Netmeeting requires your IP to be able to locate you and to start the connection in video conferencing. This requires your present internet connection if you have a dynamic IP which means you will have your IP everytime you connect to your internet provider or on your internet dial-up account. If you are using DSL, most probably you have a static or permanent IP assigned to your DSL modem. This IP will not be changed unless your provider requires.

To get your IP
Windows XP/2000 users
>> Click on START, then RUN.
>> Type "cmd" or "command" and press ENTER.
>> Then type IPCONFIG. You Ethernet LAN config will display together with your IP ADDRESS on the second line.
Windows 98/98SE/ME
>> Click on START, then RUN.
>> Type "winipcfg" and press ENTER.
>> A window will pop-up displaying your ethernet configuration.

Download Netmeeting 3.01.
Netmeeting 3.01 is available for download in Microsoft website and the following website.


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